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our new brand name

“In some Native languages the term for plants translates to ‘those who take care of us’”. - by Robin Wall Kimmerer

We are introducing a brand name change that is reminiscent of our strong commitment to protecting nature and our environment. We want our language to be reflective of our values. As we shift closer to embodying a sustainable way of life, we want to pay homage to that which cares for us, heals us, and watches over us: the natural world. Our new brand name - Sage Imber. - embodies our respect for the materials the natural world provides us, the healing qualities the natural world offers us, and the sense of community and oneness we encounter when we cultivate a respectful relationship with the natural world. 

Sage - an aromatic plant with healing properties; having, showing, or indicating profound wisdom.

Imber - rain.

Sage Imber. is creating a new timeless collection created by our founder and a community of artisans and visionaries from many parts of the world. The sense of unity amongst us is tied together via our deep respect for plants, trees, rain, and animals. Through our relationships and our art, we hope to share and embody sustainable principles. Like the Sage plant, we hope to promote a sense of healing towards ourselves, each other, and nature. Like rain, serving as a vital aspect of nature, bringing forth growth and balance in our world, we hope to share and learn with each other the knowledge on living a sustainable life as much as possible

 Although our commitment to nature has been freshly renewed, our vision is still the same. We are bringing timeless essentials to another level by reducing our environmental impact. We are taking inspiration from honesty and imperfection, and creating awareness about sustainable practices. See “Our Approach” to learn about the many ways we are protecting the environment and using sustainable practices. 

Your support has meant a great deal to us! We appreciate it and we are committed to serving you, the community, and the Earth. This is a new step forward in our journey and we are grateful to be sharing it with you.

Sage Imber. Officially launches Saturday, August 6, 2022.

Our Natural Dye

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