In 2020, we were forced to redefine our connections as we never have before.  With much more free time, a lot of people became introspective on who they were and what made them happy. Whether that was starting a new book, a new hobby, or a new business for the first time ever, our fast -paced interconnected world was able to slow down. In these challenging times, even the ways we create have shifted. This collection is an effort uniquely stitched and guided by a village of artisans and poets alike. Living ethically and sustainably is a form of art. In creating this art, we create ourselves in the image of a natural world that always provides for us even in the most difficult of times. 

For this Asri collection, we have created an homage to nature, embodied in the colors we have used to resemble the beauty around us, and in the sustainable materials we have used to give back to the Earth. Nature provides in the unlikeliest of ways when we are often lacking. As we redefine what it means to be connected, to be together, and to hold one another, we also recognize the nature that is a part of us making all things possible.

When we make daily decisions to use our natural resources ethically, we work towards a more sustainable future. Sustainability is more than caring for the environment. Sustainability is the recognition that we are one with nature. “Asri” in Indonesian signifies that we are a part of a beautifully interconnected environment that includes land, animals, and humans. We hope our new design features and styles inspire you to lead an intentional, artful life of gratitude for nature. These styles and materials will lead you towards a more connected path - towards building a more sustainable future.







Indah 20








Terra 20







Nomad 19