Hand wash – (Strongly recommended)  It is preferred that all of our pieces are hand washed in cool water. This helps to preserve the colors and fabric so you can keep wearing your favorites again and again. Always use eco-friendly mild detergents. 

Machine wash – If you are going to machine wash, always choose the cold cycle or hand wash cycle if you can with mild detergents. This is not only better for the clothing but saves energy as well. 

Dry Cleaning – opt for eco-friendly dry cleaning services. This is only necessary if your garments are made of silk. All others are ok to wash with water. 

Flat dry – This means laying the clothing out on a flat surface. This is the best way to dry your clothing to avoid stretching or disfiguring the garments. Always align seams and let dry somewhere sunny and warm. 

Line dry – Linen and more durable fabrics are ok to line dry. They will not alter in shape and will dry wonderfully. 

Iron- If your clothing is wrinkled, please use a steam iron to straighten out any creases that may appear during washing. Be sure to follow recommended temperatures labeled on your iron.