As a team, we work together to instill a sense of ohana and aloha throughout the workplace. We build off what nature gives us. All of our color choices and designs are based off the nostalgic allure of Hawaii. We bring hues like ash, sand, spruce, lemon, fern, and more that are derived from nature itself. Our prints come from local flowers and things we see on a daily basis that we love and know well. Marina&Co. is an expression of creativity through nature more than anything else.

We love using colors that bring out your confidence and personality. By using subtle colorways inspired by our island home, we let you do the talking with your bright and unique being. Easy to love soft tones welcome you to be strong and bold even during hardships we all face. We provide special editions for survivors of breast cancer that make our clothes wearable for all body shapes. 

All of our clothes are handmade, hand printed in Bali by local artisans. Because it's entirely hand-made, each piece may have tiny differences and imperfections that make each one-of-a-kind and unique. In the future, what's most important are hand skills. We need to return to the earth and start using our skills as human beings to create art. Not machinery.

Community means supporting each other and growing together as a family. We are committed to our relationships with our production partners, our employees, our Oahu community, and most of all our customers. We draw deep inspiration from our community of strong independent women wanting to make a change in this world. We welcome you to be a part of our Ohana and share our journey with us. Our factory employees, seamstresses, models, photographers, and design team, and many others, are all a part of what makes our company unique. Each person contributes their skills to create the product you know and love.