Mahina Alexander


Mahina Alexander
"A shadow is nothing more than proof of light” 
Mahina: i’m grateful to be working with brands like Sage Imber that inspire change and encourage us to have a more expanded awareness about what we consume. 
one of my main goals is to be in right relationship with all of life. to consciously coexist. this is a practice that is mastered over time and requires just as much unlearning as learning.
over the past few years i have changed and grown so much and have cleared out my closet several times only keeping what brings me joy just like marie kando teaches and releasing my attachment to possessing material things as
some form of comfort 
i use to buy a lot of cheaply made fast fashion clothing that never seemed to last. now i invest in staple pieces that will last a lifetime and are created sustainably or i thrift for vintage. 
i have more of a film photo mentality about it all now. like when you only have 30 shots in a roll and so each one is carefully felt into and it shows in the final result… if i don’t love it with every fiber of my being, “it’s a no from me dawg.” 
truth is, we don’t need as much as we think we do. everything that makes me feel truly amazing is an experience that i have with people i love and now that i practice prioritizing that i don’t feel an obsession to buy so many things because i feel truly fulfilled 
style is such a fun way to express the way i feel inside and it feels so much better supporting artists who put our planet first. my closet and heart feel so much lighter.